You could spend a lifetime (and all your hard-earned coin) on testing any number of the gazillion products on the market. Or you could just ask someone who already has.

After more than a decade as a beauty editor, I know what works. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to master your daily makeup routine in a personal (one-on-one) or group Beauty Masterclass.

Private Beauty Masterclass:
A one-on-one customised beauty tutorial in the comfort of your own home.

  • Learn about your individual face shape and skin tone, which will help you understand how to choose and apply your makeup correctly.
  • Discover which products will work best for you. Learn how to make the most of the beauty goodies you already own before receiving personalised advise on which products could transform your look, whatever your budget or time constraints.
  • A hands-on demo will help you learn to master two key looks: from natural day to a glam night out.
  • To make sure you don’t forget what you’ve learned, you’ll receive a detailed face chart with personalised product suggestions.
  • I’ll have my little black book on-hand so that, if you’re in need of a new hairdresser or brow whizz or just an awesome facial, I can tell you who is the best in the biz.
  • Optional add-on: Want healthy, glowing skin? I’ll take a look at your current skincare regimen before discussing the best tried-and-tested products for your individual skin type. Whether you’re into organic or high-tech anti-ageing, I will point you in the right product direction. Breathe life back into your skincare routine in just 30 minutes.*

Group Beauty Masterclass:
Invite your girlfriends, mother’s group or work buddies, crack open the bubbly and get set for some beauty fun!

  • Host a group beauty masterclass with four (or more!) of your favourite friends, family or colleagues. I will meet you and your guests at the host’s residence (classes outside of the Northern Beaches/North Shore will incur a small travel fee).
  • Learn the key beauty basics as a group before each guest is taken aside individually for a customised mini beauty tutorial.
  • All advice is personally tailored to each individual’s face shape, colouring, skin type and undertone.
  • Bring your makeup bag with you. I will show you how to work with what you already have before suggesting additional products to help you master your makeup routine.
  • You’ll leave with lots of beauty knowledge and a customised face chart with tips and product suggestions.

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BASE PACKAGE: Private Beauty Masterclass
90 minutes, $200

VALUE PACKAGE: Beauty & Skincare Masterclass
2 hours, $220

FRIENDS PACKAGE: Two Person Beauty Masterclass
2 hours, $150 per person

GROUP PACKAGE: Group Beauty Masterclass
2 hours (min 4. people), $100 per person
Perfect for corporate workshops, hen’s nights, or just a girl’s night in with friends.

I am a beauty editor and makeup artist and am not aligned with any particular beauty brands, so you’ll get an honest, unbiased opinion on which beauty goods will work best for you.

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* Although I have tested hundreds of products and know my AHAs from BHAs, I am not a qualified dermatologist, so cannot diagnose a serious skin concern (but I can give you a list of derms with a good rep in the beauty business if you need!).